Cursos y Alquiler del Espacio

Summer courses

Intensive summer courses at ENTINTA PRINTING
Come and play, hacienda collagraph prints with a wide variety of materials, creating expressive and surprising art works. We offer five independent courses
- each week we will do a course
from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday, to Friday.

Choose your week and come and print with collagraph.
Price: 160€

Workshop- dry point on drink cartons

Give your drink cartons a second life by etching and printing them.
Workshop: from 5pm to 8pm

Próximo taller: 14 de mayo

Precio: 37€

New courses this term

Course - Collagraph for the non-experienced

The course is an introduction to collagraph and consits of 15 hours - 5 sessions of 3 hours each session.

All the necessary materials, plates, varnishes and paints, materials for gluing, rubber profiles, nylon rags, paper, etc.. are included in the price.

This etching technique stands out for the great expressiveness it offers the artist. With collagraph you can create work on plates made of a wide variety of materials and use techniques more similar to painting than traditional etching, to give a fresh, expressive and surprising result. The course will be structured in such a way that each participant can not only get started in the technique, but also explore their own way of working.

Our next course begins on the 15th of May
Price: 175 €

Introduction to etching

In this brief introduction to etching you will learn all the necessary steps to make a copper plate with your own drawing and print it on paper. Etching is a noble and traditional technique – a manual and somewhat magical process that captivates those who try it.
Etching is a noble, traditional technique - a process which is both manual an somewhat magical, taking hold of all those who try it.

Four 3-hour sessions from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The course includes all the materials you will need, including a copper plate, ink, and paper.

Our next course will start on the 6th of May
Price 175 €

Workshop - linoprinting

Collograph in colours

Intensive course to work on colour techniques, designed for people who have already learned to do collagraph etching.

Now you can learn to do etchings of more than one colour. On this occasion you will work on three projects with a duration of 6 hours each, À la poupée, by overprinting and with the puzzle technique. It is an intensive 18-hour course + a free 3-hour session to finish projects.

The price of 230€ includes all necessary materials, from plates, to inks, paper, nylon cloth, varnish, etc.

Price: 230 €

Aquatint with a litography pencil

The course lasts 12 hours – 4 sessions of 3 hours (17:30-20:30). In the course, we will use a lithographic pencil to draw on a copper plate. With the aquatint technique, we will engrave our lines with a mordant to achieve an engraving rich in strokes and tones.

All materials are included
in the price of €175

Exclusive Rental

Rent the etching instalations exclusively during the hours that you need them

Free Workshop Use

Have access to a workspace in which you can explore more deeply your artistic projects or prepare an exhibition, with specialised machinery and which offers you your own space to create graphic art