Alison Buchanan specialises in printmaking and in particular in collograph printmaking.She works principally from nature because she believes that everything that is alive is fundamental and important.


Collagraph, etching and aquatint 38 x 34.5 cm
56 x 56 cm paper
Two-color overprint

Giant Hogweed

Collograph 55 x 75 cm
Two-color overprint


29.5 x 20 cm
46 x 33.5 cm paper
Six-color overprint

Sea Dragon

Six plates
Three-color overprint

Spider crab

Etching, litographic crayon and aquatint

Neon Tetra

32 x 8 cm
32 x 8 cm paper


Box with pop up print Collagraph 52 x 44 x 2 cm
29 x 25 cm paper


Linography and woodcut
Two-colour overprint
and hand coloured

The Biggest Wish of all the Fish

The Biggest Wish of all the Fish is an illustrated album about the state of the sea and a call for us to take into account the
needs of the inhabitants of the sea. All illustrations are done in collograph and overprinted,
using a combination of many plates for each print.

Going Blind

Going Blind is an illustrated album without text that deals with the subject of loss – specifically the loss of sight.
The story takes place in a room overlooking the narrator's inner life, represented by
various fragments of different etchings in a variety of techniques. The room,
a blind print, changes in time. The pages of the book are dyed so that the reader can gradually see the
deterioration and feel the loss as the narrator
experiences it.